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Mr. Bowen   Teacher
Ana Siladie     DVHS Financial Analyst


When and where do I turn in my Club Minutes?
Minutes are to be turned in to the front of the Leadership Room (4102) on the designated due date. Please refer to the due dates which are located in the locker on right side of the page.
Can I start a club?
Students are encouraged to start new clubs. The club application process will take place in the spring of second semester for the following year. Information about the club application process will be released throughout the year.
Can I fundraise as a club?
Clubs that want to fundraise must fill out a budget form and turn it into the leadership room. Budget forms can be found in the locker located on the right of the page.
Does my advisor have to be present at our club’s fundraiser?
If your club is directly selling goods your advisor must be present. However fundraisers involving businesses and sponsors do not require your advisor to be present. See the handbook in the locker for full fundraising instructions.
Do we have to attach our sign-in sheet with our Club Minutes form?
It is not required that you attach your sign in sheet to your club minutes.
What is the best way to contact the DVHS Clubs Team?
The most direct way to contact us is by sending us an email at Please do not directly contact staff members or Clubs team members.