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Scholarships: Opportunities, sources, deadlines

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Scholarship deadline calendar recently spoke with scholarship providers of "lower competition" scholarships to survey how many applicants they receive. They learned that many of these programs only receive about 20-40 applicants, yet they award multiple scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.
This highlights the importance for students to focus on scholarships with lower dollar amounts, local scholarships, and those aligned with their intended major and/or unique characteristics.
Many scholarships open their application periods at the start of the year, with deadlines typically in late winter or early spring. Applying early not only gives students a competitive edge but also ensures they don't miss a scholarship deadline. We strongly encourage students to utilize their accomplishments from the fall semester to showcase their most recent achievements.
By securing scholarships early in the year, students can better plan their finances for the upcoming academic year. This can reduce stress and allow for better budgeting of tuition, housing, and other educational expenses.