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To reach the DVHS Attendance Secretaries:
  1. dial 925-479-6400
  2. press 1 when prompted
  3. follow the prompts below
  • For students with last names A - Ful,
  • press 1 for Attendance Secretary Jennifer Lee
  • For students with last names Fum - Loz,
  • press 2 for Attendance Secretary Angela Larraga
  • For students with last names Lu - Sand,
  • press 3 for Attendance Secretary Laurie Bowen
  • For students with last names Sang - Z,
  • press 4 for Attendance Secretary Tharsne Supramaniam 
Secretaries' email is linked with their name.


DVHS is a closed campus and students may not leave campus for lunch. Parents may not call in to excuse their student for lunch; therefore, all students must remain on campus until the end of their school day. Students leaving campus without permission will be immediately subject to school discipline. We discourage parents from dropping off their child’s lunch. If dropping off a lunch is absolutely necessary, parents must do so outside of the Administration Office on the designated lunch tables.  Lunches must be labeled clearly with the student’s name.  The Attendance Office does not arrange for your student to pick up their lunch.  Lunch pick-ups are done independently by students during the lunch hour only.  Parents and guardians who choose to leave lunches on the tables do so at their own risk: DVHS administration and staff are not responsible for any lunches lost or stolen from the lunch area.
Under no circumstances during the school day should students arrange for food deliveries to campus. Drivers on campus will be escorted off and the food will not be delivered.   (ie: pizza delivery, DoorDash, etc.)
Students are not allowed to use their car as a “locker” to hold their school-related materials, as parking lots are off-limits during the school day. The parking lot is considered an out of bounds area. Students that leave the school gates and enter the parking lot during the school day are subject to disciplinary action, and potential administrative search.


The DVHS Attendance Office is located in the Administration Building.  Office hours are 7:45  a.m - 4:15 p.m.  For general questions and information, please dial 925-479-6400, listen for the prompt and press 9.