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Reporting a student absence -- full or partial day

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to correct any and all absences with the attendance office per **AR 5113 via a telephone call.  Failure to do so will result in a CUT for each absence.                       
Emails are not accepted to report any past or future absences.
**AR 5113 States that all absences which are not cleared within two (2) days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as unexcused (CUT).  (see Truancy)
Each absence must be called in daily with the reason the student is out.  These absences cannot be pre-cleared. Please refer to Full/Partial day absences as well.  Each student is permitted 10 personal illnesses for the calendar school year (Each partial day is calculated as 1 illness).  Five (5) or more consecutive days of illness will require a doctor’s note.   After exceeding 10 absences due to illness within the calendar school year, each absence due to illness is marked as unexcused unless a doctor's note is provided within 2 school days upon returning.  
General Illness Guidelines
We strive to create a healthy learning environment for our students, so it is important not to send your child to school if they are sick. If your child is experiencing a cold, congestion, upset stomach, temperature, or just not feeling well (even if they are not running a fever), please keep them at home.  Please contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns.  SRVUSD illness guidelines may be found here.

Your child may be excluded from school per California Education Code section §48210-48214 and section §49451. “Whenever there is a reason to believe that the child is suffering a recognized contagious or infectious disease, they shall be sent home and not be permitted to return until the school authorities are satisfied that any contagious disease does not exist.”
Calling in an absence
Parents need to call the attendance line before 9:00 a.m. to acknowledge an absence for that day. Please use the directory (below, in the left column) to determine which Attendance Secretary to report the absence to.
Please give the following information:
  • Student’s legal name (please spell). No nicknames, please!
  • Student’s ID#
  • Grade
  • Reason for absence/brief detail of symptoms (failure to provide reason results in absence marked as unexcused)
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Your name and relationship


Arriving late
Students arriving late must have a parent call the attendance line prior to the student arriving at school giving the same information as above as well as the approximate time of arrival. Students must always sign in at the front office upon arrival before going to class.
  • Students whose late arrival results in missing one or more entire periods must have a parent call attendance line to clear the absence within 48 hours or it will be changed to an illegal absence (cut) and disciplinary action will be taken.
Leaving early
We will not call students out of class to leave early.  Parents must call the attendance line before 9:00 a.m. Please give the same information as above as well as the time the student will be leaving campus. Students need to come to the front office to obtain an OFF CAMPUS PASS either before school or at brunch or lunch. Then, at the designated time, they can show the pass to their teacher and come sign out in the front office. Students are not allowed to leave their classroom without a pass.
  • If a student leaves campus without signing out in the front office, it will be considered a cut and disciplinary action will be taken. Parents cannot clear these absences after the fact. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Only tardies due to excused absence reasons (see above) will be excused. Medical Facility notes are required for all medical appointments upon checking in. If you forget to obtain a note, you may have your doctor fax a copy to "Attn:  Attendance" at 925-479-6597.  All other reasons will result in an unexcused tardy.
Important note
Students must ALWAYS sign in and out in the front office for partial day absences, even if a parent has called in. This is our only way of knowing when the student actually arrives and/or leaves campus. Students who leave school and do not sign out and/or arrive to school and do not sign in  will be given cuts for the periods that they miss and will be subject to disciplinary action.  Parents cannot clear these cuts. This policy is outlined in the student handbook.


  • All unverified absences not cleared within 48 hours will be considered as a cut and disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Students attempting to clear their own absences will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students who believe they were mistakenly marked absent must email that teacher within 2 days of the disputed absence and request an absence correction.  That teacher will then COMPLETE THE PROCESS ONLINE.

I followed the absence reporting procedure for my student.  Why am I getting an automated call regarding their absence?

Automated phone calls and email dialer messages for all unverified (uncleared) absences will be sent home to the primary parent’s home every day at 10:00 am. and 6:00 p.m. Due to the new safety measures implemented by the District, you will receive a call/email until your student actually checks in. If you have already called in to let us know your student will be arriving late, you may disregard the message/email.