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    A new parking permit must be purchased each school year in order to park in the school's student-designated parking.  Purchasing the permit requires 3 steps:
    1. Completion of the free California Highway Patrol Start Smart traffic safety class by the student and their parent/caretaker.  Click here for details of the Start Smart safety class.
    2. Complete and submit the Parking Permit form found in the DVHS Webstore.
    3. Purchase the permit in the webstore.
    There are 3 Start Smart classes scheduled at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center theater:  August 16, March 14, and May 2.  More classes will be offered during the school year at the other SRVUSD high school sites.  Check the SRVUSD Start Smart page for all other dates and the registration link.
    At least one parent or caretaker must view the webinar with their teen.  Note: the presentation contains graphic "accident" images, which are unsuitable for children under 15 years old.Certificates for session completion will not be issued.  Instead, please log into your Infinite Campus portal, click "more", then click the release tab which will show the student's eligibility for a parking pass.

    Traffic & student safety information

    As our community grows, our goals are to continue positive safety efforts and to adhere to civic codes. Please review the following safety rules:
    BY LAW
    Fire lanes MUST BE CLEAR AT ALL TIMES and are not to be used for pick- up or drop-off. This is considered a civil code violation.
    ▪ Bicyclists must WALK their bikes while on campus.
    ▪ Bicyclists should not ride on sidewalks, or weave in between cars. Bicycles must be locked up in the designated bike rack areas during the school day.
    ▪Skateboards are not to be ridden on campus.
    ▪ Skateboard racks are available in the bike corral located behind the Career Tech Building (next to Library).
    ▪ If not utilizing the skateboard rack, skateboards must be kept in student locker all day or may be left in the campus monitors’ office.
    ▪ Pedestrians should always use the crosswalk to cross streets and driveways. Wait when the "red hand” signal is flashing.
    ▪ Students should remove headphones, put away cell phones, and listen and look both ways before crossing streets.
    ▪ Vehicles should follow all posted traffic rules, including speed limits, no cell phones, and turning prohibitions. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.
    ▪ U-turns are illegal on Albion Way. The San Ramon Police Department has assured the school that they will be patrolling this area more heavily as we implement these changes.
    ▪ Using neighborhood streets as a drop-off point endangers residents and students and is subject to ticketing by the SRPD.  Please respect and keep our surrounding neighborhoods safe by adhering to all legal speed limits and driving regulations.
    ▪ NO PARKING, NO DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP in front of the main gym.
    ▪ NO DVHS PARKING at Venture School.
    ▪ Please keep the intersections and roadways on and off campus clear so traffic flows smoothly..
    Our main goal is to ensure safe travel for students to school each day whether that be on foot, by car, or via bicycle. THANK YOU for your attention to these details as you visit Dougherty Valley High School. Have a wonderful day and school year!
    ▪ The parking lot under the solar panels is closed to ALL drop-off traffic. Only vehicles displaying a valid parking permit or those individuals needing to park and visit the office will be allowed to enter this area.
    ▪ Visitor spots are located in the third row of the lot.
    ▪ If you are dropping off a student and NOT parking, please enter the school at the driveway marked with a "D" in the diagram below. All drop-off traffic will be routed to the drop-off loop, which has been designed to handle a large volume of vehicles in a short amount of time.
    ▪ Students and others who are parking should enter the school at the signal at the intersection of Albion Way and Arrowfield Way, which is marked with a "P" in the diagram.
    ▪ Additionally, parents and students should not be using the fire lane alongside the Performing Arts Center. This fire lane is meant for emergency vehicles and staff vehicles to access the rear parking lot. Please refrain from entering the fire lane designated with an "S" in the diagram below.
    Parking Lot
                  V=Venture School entry, not for DVHS drop-off    
                  P=parking entry    
                  D=drop off loop entry    
                  S=staff parking and emergency vehicle access