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Independent study contracts

A parent/caregiver must request an independent study in advance of the student's absence by following these steps:
1.  Complete and submit the Independent Study Request form to the attendance secretary for your student's alpha (see breakdown below).  
  • For a 5-10 day student absence:  Request must be submitted at least 3 days in advance.  
  • For a 11-14 day student absence:  Request must be submitted 5-10 days in advance.
2.    The Attendance Secretary will fill out the Independent Study Master Agreement Contract (ISC), which must then be signed by the parent/caregiver and student and then submitted electronically to the school site representative PRIOR to the absence.  If the signed copy is not received electronically prior to the absence, the ISC becomes null and void.
The DVHS attendance secretary roster is in the column to the left.